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Paolo Ciccaglione, RMT

Paolo currently works at Pure Sense Spa & Salon in Hamilton and will be available to Trinity clients on a a consistent basis on Thursday evenings and Saturdays to help us fulfill our commitment in offering clients consistent and reliable healthcare.


Paolo is enthusiastic when it comes to health and wellness. He has cultivated a unique and personalized approach to therapy which combines a fitness and kinesiology background with his massage therapy skills. In this way, Paolo is able to equip his clients with the fundamental knowledge necessary to establish an intuitive body awareness and address common postural barriers in reaching their health and wellness goals. Paolo’s active approach which uses range of motion and stretching exercises, encourages the client to participate and have an active say in their healthcare journey, because he feels that his client’s treatment doesn’t end on the massage table. 

Paolo is looking forward to welcoming clients on a consistent basis on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

Bridget R. Smith

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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