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Meditation To Calm The Mind

Read these texts slowly, with a short pause & mindful breathing techniques between instructions. Consider recording the dialogue for play back without interruption during the exercise.


The past has already gone and the future is yet to come.
I am concentrating on being peaceful, happy, and free in this present moment.


Now I’m concentrating on being aware of each breath.
My attention on the breath is continuous.

I follow the breath as it begins, and my abdomen starts to expand.
I continue to pay attention as my abdomen rises and falls with each breath, like a child going high and low on a swing.


Like a swing, my breath slows down at each end.
I follow it all the way as it slows down and starts again.

I embrace my breath with all my care and attention, like a mother holds her baby.
I do not drop the baby.
Thoughts stay in the background.

I enjoy the rhythmic rise and fall of my abdomen;
I enjoy staying in the here and the now.
I have stopped running forward and backward.

My mind keeps producing thoughts; that is its nature.
I do not follow the thoughts.
I concentrate on my breath.

I’m comfortable and at ease.
With each breath, I let go of tension somewhere in my body and mind.

I’m aware that thoughts can bring tension to my face.
With each breath, I relax my face muscles and smile.

There are sensations in my body, I accept them.                                                                                                                 

I am aware of my posture.
I am aware of the rush of air around my nostrils as I breathe in.

If there are sounds, I do not react to them.
I just notice them and let them go.
I continue to enjoy my breathing peacefully.

A river of feelings and thoughts is flowing, but I am not drowning in it.
The concentration on the breath is like the anchor that prevents the boat from drifting.


Focusing on my breath keeps me from getting lost in thought.
I notice sounds and skin sensations without reacting to them.

I smile at disturbances such as memories, little itches and noises.
Smiling relaxes me.                                                                                                                                                                   

I feel content.

With each breath I arrive in the here and the now.
I’m sitting upright, breathing comfortably.

My mind is peaceful, my body free of tension.
I am calm and rested.
I feel free.                                                                                                                                                                                     

I feel at home.

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