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Mahmood Mohseni, DOMP

Born and raised in Iran, Mahmood graduated with his Medical Science Degree from Mashhad University in 1995 and had the privilege of caring for many patients as a family doctor before immigrating to Ontario, Canada in 2010. 


Intrigued by holistic medicine and its effectiveness in treating musculoskeletal ailments naturally without artificial means or negative side effects often associated with chemical medications, Mahmood was led into the field of Osteopathy and obtained his Manual Osteopath degree from the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2013. Mahmood has received further accreditation from the Ontario Association of Osteopathy & Natural Medicine as well as the Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine. 


On a personal note, Mahmood has two children, a teenage boy and an older daughter who is following in her father’s medical footsteps obtaining her Psychology degree at York University. In his spare time, Mahmood enjoys playing soccer, walking, swimming and cooking. He speaks fluent Farsi (Persian) with English being his second language. Mahmood comes to us as an experienced osteopathic practitioner working most recently from the Activa Rehabilitation Clinic in Toronto. He will be welcoming clients at Trinity the first Thursday of each month 10am - 7pm.


Who is a Manual Osteopath and what do they do?

A manual Osteopath is a practitioner who is trained and educated by an accredited college of Osteopathy and focuses on the entire framework of the body including bones, ligaments, muscle and connective tissue. Manual Osteopaths assess the musculoskeletal system looking for areas of weakness, imbalances or excessive strain. Any potential weak points may determine how well the body functions and may have a direct influence on the general health of the entire body. Since Osteopathic mobilization techniques are subtle and gently applied, they encourage the body to naturally return to a state of balance. Slower, more progressive but longer-term results are often achieved without the post therapy tenderness and discomfort commonly experienced with other manual therapies. The goal of a Manual Osteopath and focus of an osteopathic treatment is to get to the root cause of the symptom. After the treatment, you are likely to experience a reduction in symptomatic pain and discomfort. An Osteopath may also give you advise on posture, lifestyle and exercises to do at home in between sessions. Osteopathic treatment can have a remarkable effect on many aspects of your health and overall quality of life.

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