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Reiki Treatment


Reiki is an ancient technique of Energy Healing treating mind, body and emotions. The term Reiki originates from Japan. "Rei" meaning Universal. "Ki" meaning Energy. Together, this translates into Universal Energy or the aura around the body known as Life Force. Reiki is a safe, painless and non-invasive technique. The recipient lies down on a treatment table fully clothed with the practitioner’s hands hovering slightly above their body at locations known as Chakras (seven energy centers running from head to tail bone). The energy from your practitioner will automatically go where needed. It is absorbed by the body and used to nourish cells and support organs in their vital functions. The experience is very relaxing for anyone of any age.


Throughout our life’s journey, we are subject to everything that helps or hinders us. Negative energy, either generated from within or absorbed from others in the form of anger, sorrow or guilt causes rips, tears or holes in our aura. This damage allows even more negative energy to seep in and fester rapidly. If negative conditions continue, the damage not only grows but may manifest into physical ailments. Sickness, headaches and disease often result. Reiki treatments help break up existing energy blockages and stimulates the free flow of life force already present within the body. Essentially, Reiki gives the body what it needs to heal and repair itself. Negative energy is removed and aura repaired.


Reiki has many benefits and complements all healing modalities and traditional medicines. This therapy has gained much popularity in the last few decades being widely and successfully used for pain control and relaxation in medical and non-medical facilities including hospitals, hospices, health spas and cancer treatment centers. The benefits of Reiki are far reaching: It is known to stimulate the healing of chronic and acute medical injuries and conditions, boost immune system function, clear body toxins, reduce stress, increase energy and assist in post operative recovery.


Bridget R. Smith

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