Bridget has been using the natural healing properties of essential oils to complement & enhance her massage therapy treatments since the opening of her private practice in 2011. She first had the inkling to develop B4 after her roommate brought home a foster dog suffering from a painful condition called “Happy Tail”. Happy Tail frequently occurs with dogs that continuously wag their tails against hard surfaces in confined spaces. Having spent over a year in a small rescue kennel, KoKo’s tail was open, tender and bleeding profusely. Frustrated by the ineffectiveness & expense of cream medications and other bandage, symptom-relieving remedies, Bridget put her knowledge & respect of essential oils to practice and formulated B4… affectionately named “Bridget’s Boo Boo Balm”. The product sprayed on effortlessly and unnoticeably without any stinging sensation and absorbed quickly before it could be licked or rubbed away. Within a few days, KoKo’s wound had completely healed over and within 8 days, hair was growing back on the tip of KoKo’s tail! B4 can be used safely & effectively on a variety of skin conditions and concerns including diaper rashes, pregnancy mask/linea nigra, deep cuts and acne lesions.

All Natural B4 Healing Spray - 5 oz.

    • Ease of Application: No more anxiety when dealing with resistive or aggressive patients! This non-stinging, non-staining formula can be sprayed effortlessly and inconspicuously onto the effected area.
    • Fast and Effective Results: Absorbs quickly and begins to work immediately. No more wrestling with sticky, staining, slow-absorbing creams that can be rubbed or licked away before the ingredients have the chance to work.

    • Accelerates Healing: Dries out weeping wounds and helps stop bleeding. Encourages protein synthesis and the regeneration of new skin cells and accelerates scab formation. Allows the body to heal naturally and painlessly.

    • Reduces Pain and Itching: This formulation reduces swelling, redness and irritation and soothes itching as it heals.

    • Prevents Infection: Antimicrobial properties cleanses the area and helps prevents infection.