Your First Visit

Prior to your initial treatment, you will fill out a health history form and informed consent will be obtained for the assessment and ongoing treatment. All information will be kept confidential and safeguarded at all times. Orthopedic testing may be conducted to pinpoint specific areas of concern. You and your therapist work together to create a personalized treatment plan which will suit your individual goals and expectations and honour any modifications to ensure that therapy remains safe and comfortable at all times.


Your privacy will always be respected as you undress to your comfort level and only the area being worked on will be undraped at any given time. Open communication ensures that therapy is performed within your pain tolerance and the opportunity to ask questions, verbalize concerns, voice preferences, retract consent or modify/stop the treatment will always be extended.


Following treatment, your therapist may prescribe home exercises or hydrotherapy to compliment your progress. Future assessments will verify that goals are being met and treatments remain comfortable and effective.

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