Reopening Letter

Finally!! The moment of re-opening has arrived!! Your health and well-being will always remain our top priority & bottom line at all times! Trinity Therapeutics' staff are looking forward to welcoming you back June 1st with a few modifications in place...


  • Confirmation of appointment and pre-screening of all clients will occur the day before your scheduled appointment. Please contact us immediately if you do not receive a text or email prior to your appointment as you will not be permitted to attend your appointment without it. Please answer all questions truthfully. They have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety. We would be happy to reschedule your appointment should your attendance be contraindicated for any reason. 


  • Only one therapist working out of one treatment room will be staffed at any given time from June through the end of August. This will not only ensure client safety & comfort while landscaping and construction work is underway around the property but will also limit traffic and public exposure within the home & treatment area while COVID-19 continues to threaten our environment. Please feel free to pre-book & reserve your summer appointment times as openings may be limited as a result. 


  • Until the construction work has been completed around the property, we will be using the center treatment room for all of our appointments, therefore, unless otherwise instructed, please use the FRONT DOOR ENTRANCE. Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and feel free to text your therapist from your vehicle upon arriving to ensure that your path into the treatment room is as safe and contactless as possible.

    • Bridget 905 359 7274

    • Kathleen 289 828 2546

    • Amy 905 339 5590


  • We will continue to maintain our scrupulous cleaning & disinfecting procedures before and in-between each client. We have increased our housecleaning services & will ensure that we have sufficient time/buffer between clients to properly sanitize all common surface areas. Unfortunately, this means that therapists will not be as generous with appointment times, be able to accommodate late/early arrivals or extend treatment times past your allotted appointment. We will need to ensure that all facets of your appointment including screening, health history review, assessment, treatment and pre-post preparation time be completed within your scheduled appointment frame which may translate into reduced hands-on table treatment time. Please be understanding and respectful of this consideration as it will ensure the safe and effective delivery of our treatment practices. 


  • All therapists will be routinely screened and tested if necessary, for the COVID-19 virus and all associated symptoms. We recognize the existence of asymptomatic cases and the questionability of immunity across recovered cases therefore disposable medical grade masks will be worn by all therapists at all times and changed between clients. 


  • Clients will need to wear a cloth or disposable mask throughout their appointment. If you do not have a mask to bring along, one will be provided to you upon arrival. Your temperature will be taken with a contactless devise and you will then be directed to the handwashing station and re-screened prior to the start of your session. If you are displaying any signs of questionable or ill health, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Unfortunately, this may include seasonal allergy symptoms or any other symptom outside of the usual COVID-19 check list. 


  • Best hand-washing practices will be enforced for both therapist and client upon entering the clinic area or any personal contact is made. Antibacterial soap, handwashing station, disposable towels and hand sanitizer will be readily available at all times. 


While we move forward through this unpreceded territory and learn new ways of living with the threat of this virus, we are always available to hear any concerns you may have or accommodate any special considerations until such time a vaccine is made available. Welcome back everyone!! We are looking forward to catching up with all of you in the near future!!